Francis Wyman House well sweep circa 1890’s.

Historic Well Sweep

Currently, we are raising money to rebuild the well sweep, a long pole used to get water from the well,  that originally was found on the east side of the house.  This requires that we do some archeological digging before we build to be sure that we are not destroying something that we cannot see.  Please help us rebuild this piece of Burlington and New England History with a donation! Thank you!

House Restoration Project, Phase 1 completed!

In 1996 the Francis Wyman homestead suffered a devastating fire.  Fortunately, the house was saved and the exterior was restored promptly.  It’s interior had phase 1 of restorations completed in June 2011.  The Francis Wyman Association was awarded a $50,000 grant to restore floors, stairs, and doors, and remove soot from the walls and ceilings, among other things.  The project is now on phase 2 and we will continue to need your support to restore the house.  To donate or see the progress made to date, please visit us during our open house days!